Special Offers

Here’s the deal. Almost every day is a special offer day here. Every Monday and Tuesday, get a pye and pud for just £11. Every Wednesday and Thursday, 10% off any of our 8 amazing stack burgers. Then of course there is nothing fishy about Fishy Fryday; it’s just a great deal on fresh, prime-cut cod and haddock.

Of course, if you’re on holiday or live here you’d be mad not to join our Loyalty Club and save 10% on food, drinks and even out of season accommodation every time you drop by, but that’s up to you.

Every Monday & Tuesday, get a Pye & Pud for £11

“It is said that the Devil will not come into Cornwall for fear of being cut up and put into a pye.”

Richard Polwhele, History of Cornwall, 1803.

We’re not so scared of a bloody good pye here. In fact, you’ll usually find a mouth-watering pye and pud on the specials menu every day, but if you love a pye/pud combo and like to save a few quid, pop along on a Monday or Tuesday and you can have a pye & pud for just £11.

What kind of pye and pud? It depends. On the pye menu could be everything from steak & ale to peppered steak, chicken tikka to beef in red wine with smoked pancetta & mushrooms, ratatouille strudel (VE) to Cornish brie tart (V).

Meanwhile, on the homemade pud menu you could find anything from jam roly-poly to treacle sponge, spotted dick to apple & plum crumble.

Every Wednesday & Thursday, bag 10% off our Surfing-themed Burgers

The Wipe Out Surfer-themed Burger

Our signature burger has always been a classic and over the summer we went to town by introducing a few newbies on the burger menu. And then we thought: let’s stop tinkering and create 8 jaw-dropping stack burgers – give each one a cool surfing themed name – and see what happens.

The result is a burger revolution. Check out the full range on our Burger Menu page.

Every Friday is Fishy Fryday

Fishy Fryday

When we took over (February 2018) we were gob smacked to learn from our local fish supplier that we were by far their only major customer who only bought prime cut, fresh fish fillets. Every other comparable customer eschewed the prime cut and bought frozen fish. What did we want to do?

Well, we decided that if you can’t eat the best fresh fish on the coast, what’s the point? So we decided to buy more fresh prime cut fillets – not only that, as we’d only ever sold haddock, we decided to introduce a fresh, prime cut of cod on our menu too.

We also decided to offer garden peas as well as mushy peas; and naturally, to retain Fishy Fryday – long an institution here – going strong.

Specials, Events & Seasonally Changing Deals

Everyday you’ll find specials – pyes, puds, fresh fish, homemade curries etc – on your table. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll see regular often charity-focused events featuring novel and innovative cuisine for all ages.

And these deals aren’t just food restricted. We often introduce world-class new gins here with awesome promotions to go with them as well as regularly offering discounts on wines and beers.

Freshness. Quality. Choice. Deals. That’s The Bay View Inn.