Surfer-Themed Burgers

With Widemouth Bay offering one of the best surfing beaches in the UK, we thought there was no better way of ending a hard day taming the wild Atlantic waves than by tucking into one of our surfer-themed burgers.

And what an amazing range of surfer-themed burgers they are too. Just remember, you can get 10% off every Wednesday and Thursday. You can also order them for takeaway too. Any yep, all packaging it bio-degradable.

Our Surfer-Themed Burgers

The Offshore

8oz steak burger, fresh lettuce, homemade red onion marmalade, head-turning pretzel bun. A Bay View legend.

The Hang Ten

8oz steak burger, 2 X smoked bacon, fresh lettuce, homemade red onion marmalade, beer-battered onion rings, pretzel bun. Just try hanging on to it.

The Gnarly One

8oz steak burger, fresh lettuce, chunky cut tomato, hot chilli jam, jalapeños, seeded charcoal bun. It’s jam hot, so beware….

The Wipe Out Surfer-themed BurgerThe Wipe Out

8oz steak burger, crispy chicken fillet, 2 X smoked bacon, flat mushroom, homemade red onion marmalade, seeded charcoal bun. Clue is in the name.

The Cutback

2 X crispy chicken fillet, fresh lettuce, thick cut tomato, dash of chilli mayo, pretzel bun. Like you, this is a true cut above.

The Drop Surfer-themed BurgerThe Drop

2 X giant cod fish fingers, fresh gem lettuce, homemade tartare sauce, gherkin, seeded charcoal bun. Drop everything for this lovingly reinvented childhood classic.

El Rollo

Smoked lentil patty, halloumi (vegan cheese available), tangy chilli jam, fresh lettuce, thick cut tomato, beetroot bun. Make everyone green with envy.