Signature DIshes

Every restaurant has its own signature dishes, dishes that diners come from miles around to tuck into and celebrate with a digital signature of their own.

The Bay View stands out for a host of signature dishes, which we’re delighted to introduce to you.

Some signature dishes are true legends; some though are new, or innovative twists on tasty classics.

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Bay View Inn SharerSignature Pick N’ Mix Sharer

Believe it or not, this newbie is the Bay View Inn’s first sharer and has gone down a storm. All you have to do is agree (easier said than done!) which 6 options you want:

  • VEGETARIAN OPTIONS : Jalapeño Poppers, Mixed Marinated Olives & Garlic,or Baby Red Peppers filled with Feta Cheese
  • FISH OPTIONS: Plaice Goujons, Whitebait or Calamari
  • MEAT OPTIONS: Duck Spring Rolls or Spicy Chicken Goujons

Every sharer comes with two tasty dips: Sweet Chilli and Garlic Mayo.

Bay View Inn Prawn and Avocado SaladSignature Prawn & Avocado Salad

We always thought the Bay View needed a great salad, and although we thought the St Ives Smoked Chicken Caesar Salad would claim top spot, far and away the most popular salad we serve up here is the fresh Atlantic prawns and avocado salad.

Bay View Inn Seaside SandwichSignature Seaside Sandwich

When we revolutionised our selection of fresh sandwiches, we just knew that the Cornish Seaside Crab Sandwich – what we like to call the Crabwich – would become a fave and with handpicked white and brown crabmeat and a homemade lime mayo, you can see why.

Smoked Maple and Chilli Hot DogSignature Hot Dog

Everyone knows about our classic Bay View steak burger. But including a totally excusive foot long butcher’s sausage, dusted with crispy onion bits & mild mustard, and served in a freshly baked baguette, try not to grin like a Cheshire Cat when when you tuck into our Smoked Maple & Chilli Hot Dog.

Fowey Mussels at the Bay View InnSignature Fowey Mussels

Love them or loathe them – we love them – mussels have a loyal following. And, if you believe our well-traveled diners, even green lipped mussels in New Zealand are pipped by Fowey mussels for their plump tenderness.

That and our chef’s secret recipe including steaming the mussels in white wine & finishing them in a creamy garlic sauce. Tip for you: leave the bread to mop up the juice at the end!

Bay View Inn Fish PieSignature Fish Pie

Fresh cod fillets + salmon + naturally smoked haddock + juicy Atlantic prawns + garden peas + creamy mash potato + mozzarella & cheddar cheese = the lovingly homemade Bay View Fish Pie. Enough said.

Cornish Ribs at the Bay View InnSignature Cornish Bacon Ribs

So signature that on the menu we call this our signature dish, next up comes our Cornish bacon ribs.

2 things to point out here. These ribs are hard to get. In fact, we had to make our supplier an offer they couldn’t refuse to double our allocation, but we still can’t always guarantee their availability.

The second thing to point out is you now have a choice of one of two classic sauces: BBQ & Mango Glaze or new Chilli Spiced BBQ Sauce. If you like things spicy, they come as mildly spicy so if you want to turn it up please ask.

One more thing: you don’t have to go for a full belly-busting rack – half racks are available too.

Strawberries and Meringue

Signature Desserts

We make our desserts in house and our sticky toffee pudding is legendary, but Strawberries and Meringue has become a summer fave this year. Not really a surprise when you add fresh strawberries to melt-in-the-mouth meringue, then slip in a thick layer of Rhodda’s clotted cream.

Or if you serve this classic up with a side of Strawberry Pimm’s.

Fishy FrydaySignature Deals

Every Friday here is Fishy Fryday. Which traditionally means you can bag yourself our 8OZ prime haddock fish and chips for just £10. But there’s a new fish on the block: 5OZ cod and chips for £8. The haddock here was served with chips and garden peas and homemade tartare sauce – the cod with mushy peas, homemade tartare sauce and a cheeky upgrade from chips to sweet potato skinny fries.

Side by side with a pint of Cornish Orchards and a glass of Pinot, we can’t think of a better way to get ready for the weekend.

Oh, just in case you’re wondering, we buy all our fish fresh. Something unheard of in a place our size, and all our fresh cod and haddock fillets are prime cuts.

Whatever you have though, enjoy the view.