Sharish Blue Magic Gin

Sharish Blue Magic is just that – a wonderfully azure gin that, when tonic is applied, magically transforms into a dusky pink colour. Okay, it’s not magic really. The whole abracadabra ‘magic’ is down to an extract of the flower Clitoria Ternatea that colours Sharish Blue Gin without the use of artificial additives. Tonic merely changes the PH levels and the varying shades of pink depend on which tonic is used.


Let’s be clear here: Sharish Blue Magic Gin is not just a gimmick or trick. Sure, who doesn’t love a bit of theatricality – and at The Bay View Inn, with our stunning views and gorgeous cuisine, we don’t lack for our own natural Cornish theatre here.

But Sharish Blue Magic Gin is a premium tasting gin in its own right. Exceptionally smooth, it has a unique fruit aroma and naturally citrus taste to it.

Hailing from Portugal, the botanicals are exotic too: we have juniper, cinnamon, coriander seeds, clove, vanilla, not to mention fresh zesty orange and lemon peel, bravo esmolfe apple and even some lemon verbena.

So you see, Sharish Blue Magic Gin is a magically tasting gin – with the bonus of a little magic thrown in.

The Bay View