Pink Gins

Everyone loves pink gins. Colour. Aroma. Taste. But pink gins aren’t something to be sniffed at by gin purists. Serious, award-wining, and hugely creative gin distillers from around the world are busy trying to perfect their pink gins using fresh and often unusual ingredients. And it’s the pink gins pushing the boundaries that we want to introduce you to on your next visit.

Here are the 3 pink gins rocking our world right now:

Mermaid Pink Gin

Infusing the flavour and aromatics of Isle of Wight strawberries with lemon zest, grains of paradise and fragrant rock samphire known as ‘Mermaid’s Kiss’, there’s more to Mermaid Pink Gin than the stunning Italian glass bottle.

Tarsier Oriental Pink

Gold medal winner at the World Gin Awards 2020, Tarsier Oriental is a pink gin inspired by Southeast Asia with red dragon fruit distilled alongside galangal, calamansi (a variety of lime) and seven traditional botanicals. After distillation, raspberry and lychee are infused into the spirit, giving it a pink hue.

Lilly Pilly Pink

Last but certainly not least, all the way from Australia comes Manly Spirits’ Lilly Pilly Pink, which just so happened to win the hugely prestigious best flavoured gin award at the San Francisco 2020 Spirits Awards. Along with lilly pilly berries, this award-winning pink gin features a range of exotic botanicals from blood orange to riberry, sea fig to nasturtium.

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