Featured Offshore Artists

We’re incredibly proud to introduce our featured Offshore artists, artisans and stockists each of whom brings their own unique talent, vision and beauty to our Offshore Restaurant Gallery and shop.


Bridget grew up strongly influenced by art as her mother was always immersed in some form of creative project. Life took her in a different direction as her career, for 35 years, was in the family engineering business.  When she retired she was able to pursue her dream and become a full-time artist.

In order to establish her own style, rather than formally studying art, she taught herself over two years the skills used in the many different artistic mediums and materials which she had always been fascinated and inspired by. Strongly influenced by her natural environment, she now has a studio in Cornwall and Somerset.  




Duncan Hopkins lives and works close to the North Devon and Cornwall coast. His drawings and paintings are carefully observed and improvised studies of the sea, coastline and rural landscapes throughout the South West.

He is particularly interested in the evocation of atmosphere and sensation, and the topographical and structural qualities of natural features and phenomena.

He is currently researching and developing drawing and painting methods based on historical practices, and works with oils, watercolour, graphite and silverpoint.



The Hide Studio, Cornwall, is run by Rich Inight & Jane Pollock. All their work is handmade in their studio in Morwenstow on the North Cornwall coast. Their designs are led by the unique features of each piece of wood they work with.

Wood is usually turned green & then allowed to dry naturally. They embrace the ‘wonkiness’ which often emerges during this process and do not feel the need to ‘correct’ this natural movement.

Each piece is numbered and is a one-off. They use a 100% food-safe and natural mix of raw linseed & citrus oils to finish the products and add a natural clay paint to some pieces.

It is important that all wood used has only travelled a handful of miles to the studio and is only felled where it benefits the environment to thin or remove a tree.



Hilary Stock is a fine art photographer who makes unique artwork out of her images. She is best known for her hand-cut and folded pictures of Cornwall and, more recently, her dramatic triptychs of the county’s coastline.

Her mother and grandmother lived in Mousehole, where she spent her childhood holidays – an early source of inspiration. And her father enjoyed sailing, which might explain why Hilary likes to haunt Cornish boatyards with her camera. “There is something fascinating about old wooden boats being restored,” she says. “It’s the workmanship, the layers of paint – something romantic about the whole seafaring endeavour.” The Roseland Peninsula has also become a creative draw, its distinctive landscape and detail inspiring much of her recent work.

Hilary has had a variety of solo shows and her pictures have been bought by private collectors around the world. Her work is shown mainly at The Harbour Gallery in Portscatho, and at Fisherton Mill Gallery in Salisbury, as well as The White Horse Gallery in Marlborough. Beyond her artwork, Hilary photographs for Womad, teaches teenagers photography for a charity both here and in Africa and her work has been featured in the national press.

With a background in anthropology, Hilary began her working life as a BBC producer, making Radio 4 documentaries. She has travelled widely and twice lived in India, where she raised two of her three children. She lives with her husband, author Jon Stock/J.S. Monroe, and three itinerant young adults, and divides her time between Cornwall and Wiltshire.




As well as our traditional media Offshore artists we are also thrilled to welcome award winning contemporary jewellery designer Stacey West.

Stacey is inspired by the artistry of the rugged natural environment and informed by the visual properties of material, handcrafted with loving attention to detail in beautiful North Cornwall.





Evie Kay Skin Care was launched in January 2019 by neighbours Frances Bell and Kelvin Reay in the ancient and beautiful market town of Barnstaple in North Devon.

Their joint passion for skin care, especially soap, was a coincidence, discovered whilst chatting over a morning coffee.

Their carefully handmade products are made in Barnstaple, in listed buildings in the conservation area. They love living and working in North Devon and their products reflect the “green prescription” they take advantage of every day!

Evie Kay, Frances’s Great Aunt, enjoyed holidays here so much and memories of her being refreshed and restored have an almost primordial resonance. All the soaps reveal her holidays here, walks on the beach, woodland walks, afternoon rests and her pleasure in a simple pudding, compote!

Their packaging is recyclable and “upcyclable” in a deliberate response to the needs of our planet. The artwork is taken from our wonderful John Hurford, a brilliant local artist.




Bridie makes wheel thrown, wood fired pottery with the thought in mind of them being used and enjoyed becoming part of a persons daily routine whilst bringing a little bit of happiness with it.

Bridie originally trained at The Barn Pottery in Dartmoor, it was here she did a two-year apprenticeship with potters Sabine Nemet and Nic Collins. During this time, she found the love for wood firing. She was drawn to the physical challenges of preparing the materials; the chopping and the stacking of wood. The warmth from the kiln, and the crackling of the fire during the solitude of the ‘graveyard’ shift. In finishing her apprenticeship, she went on to set up my own workshop and built a wood- fired, down draught kiln on the North coast of Devon. She has since moved to Cornwall.

Each pot is made from start to finish by Bridie; She mixes and wedges the clay, weighs, then turns, trims, decorates and glazes them. Her approach to clay leans towards the way in which they are fired, and so she makes for that. She uses wood for both heat and ash decoration as well as bicarbonate of soda as a glaze, which is sprayed in during the firing. Like anything, with each making and firing cycle she is continuously learning. By making small alterations each time, she gets closer to seeing what is wanted from her pots, be it the form, the pattern, colours, or the firing.



Handmade, crochet fashion by Newquay based designer Beth Smalley. From colourful beanies to gloves, hats and scarves, no creation is ever the same as another. 

We are delighted that Beth agreed to become one of our Offshore artists, beautifully representing the art of crochet at its very, very best. 

Cornish Crochet Creations Shop




Based in Tintagel, Sam Isaacs established ‘REWORKED’ with the aim to produce unique, original and eclectic lighting and other curiosities made from salvaged materials. By reinterpreting and repurposing these found objects, Sam creates a new identity and a new lease of life for lost treasures. Commissions are undertaken

All electrical components comply to current regulations and all lamps have been P.A.T Tested and certified to ensure that the items are safe and fit for purpose.




Beautifully handcrafted bespoke one-off pieces, all designed by Martin Edwards, from home furnishings, to childrens’ furniture, animal beds, and much more.

All made from naturally sourced wood, using all wood types.




Offshore artists also include sculptors and we are proud to showcase the best in the region, Stacey Beaumont. Stacey captures the ever-changing relationship of light and colour within the natural and highly durable beauty of slate.

Her workshop is close to the North Cornish coast, with Bodmin and Dartmoor nearby, all which inspire colours, themes and moods of her work.




For Rebecca, each day brings new inspiration.  She finds the North Cornwall coastline totally captivating with its ever changing colours, skies, sea, sunsets and storms.

Rebecca’s unique artwork, featuring mesmerising fish swirls and waves,  is inspired by all the colours she finds around her. 

Walking, taking photos, breathing the air in and losing herself in North Cornwall’s stunning scenery is the start of every new original artwork or commission piece. Her art then emerges from the blank canvas, in every beautiful detail. 



If you would like to be one of our Offshore artists please contact us now, we’d love to discuss your artwork.

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