McQueen Chocolate Orange Gin

McQueen Chocolate Orange Gin is the second of our gins to hail from a peerless collaboration between McQueen Gin and That Boutique-y Gin Company. The other amazing chocolate/fruit combo gin these two have cooked up being the incredible, McQueen Chocolate Cherry.

McQueen Chocolate Orange Gin: Smooth Chocolate meets Zesty Orange

Everyone loves Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Rather, everyone loves smashing into a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, savouring that wonderful smell before getting all Augustus Gloop.

So the idea that you could crack open the seal of a world-class gin and expect the same smooth chocolate meets zesty orange treat was genius.

And McQueen (That Boutique-y Gin Company) Chocolate Orange doesn’t disappoint. This chocolate orange gin is a true Wonkaesque mix of classic gin botanicals, orange peel, and cocoa nibs.

Just one note of caution: McQueen Chocolate Orange Gin is a Wonka strong 46 %, so don’t be an Augustus Gloop and sip responsibly.