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And start saving with every visit

As a restaurant, hotel and bar, The Bay View Inn is one of North Cornwall’s most popular destinations – and it is easy to see why.

“The Bay View Inn Frog Club is our little thank you to all our loyal customers.” Lindsay Soulsby, Owner The Frog Club has been a members’ club for well over a decade and membership has grown massively from a few dozen to several hundred.

Naturally, people love it for the stunning views, especially the spectacular sunsets.

Then there is the food. Local and seasonally sourced, with signature dishes including Fowey mussels, Cornish ribs and a host of vegan, vegetarian and GF options, pairing great food with magical views is a win-win in anyone’s game.

But The Bay View Inn is much more than that. Our bar has swiftly become a destination in its own right with a growing selection of (literally) the world’s best gins. If you love gin, this is the place to find true ginspiration.

And if the thought of toasting magical sunsets with world-class gins and classic Cornish cuisine sounds like something you’d like to do more often, you can always book one of our cosy rooms and do so from your own private balcony.

Introducing the Frog Club

The Frog Club started out life over a decade ago as a simple 10p off a pint loyalty scheme and since then has grown to become a thriving membership club with several hundred members enjoying 10% off food, drinks and out of season accommodation.

Frog Club Single Membership CardSingle Membership

Single membership entitles the individual member to a 10% discount on food, drink and out of season accommodation.

The 10% discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer/discount and cannot be used by anyone other than the member (including friends/family).

Frog Club Family MembershipFamily Membership

Family membership entitles a maximum of 4 individuals (including the lead member) to a 10% discount on food, drink and out of season accommodation.

The 10% discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer/discount and cannot be used without the presence of the lead member.

Additional Frog Membership Features (Single and Family Membership):

  • Bi-monthly newsletters
  • 48hrs heads up (via email) of all offers/event ticket sales before general sale
  • New menu tastings and specials evenings
  • Exclusive Frog Member incentives/promotions

Frog Club Annual Membership Fees (1st October 2018 – 30th September 2019):

  • £20 for Single Membership (one Frog Number)
  • £40 for Family Membership (one Frog Number to be used by one lead member on behalf of up to 4 family members, including lead member)

Frog Club Prize Draws

Membership fee income is used to fund a regular loyalty prize draw that takes place every fortnight on a Wednesday evening and will include 2 elements:

  1. VOLUME* – The top 10 members who have frequented The Bay View Inn the most over the previous fortnight will be entered into a cash prize draw. The member picked randomly from the draw will be awarded the cash payment. (NOTE: *Volume covers the total number of transactions the member has made using their Frog Card within the last period)
  2. ATTENDANCE – A cash prize will go to the Frog Member/s (shared if more than Frog Member wins) who win The Bay View is Right* game on the evening.

*The Bay View is Right

Loosely following the principles of the popular TV card game show The Price is Right, The Bay View is Right takes place every other week on a Wednesday evening. Members must present their membership cards before the 7pm draw where 8 members will be selected at random to participate in the game.

Each Frog Member will then play the game and if successful will win either the full or partial amount of the prize money available on the night: prize money will be shared if more than 1 Frog member wins.

Hop on Board

If you’d like to join The Frog Club, call in and see us or give us a call on 0128 361273. Click here to view The Bay View Inn Frog Club Terms & Conditions.