Ki Noh Bi 11th Edition

Ki Noh Bi 11th edition is the first-ever collaboration between Japanese whisky and Japanese gin. Aged for six months in two different casks: one an ex-sherry butt that held legendary Karuizawa single malt whisky for 25 years to impart rich Chrismassy flavours, the other an equally rare Mizunara oak puncheon to add aromatic oak and spice notes, only 1,002 bottles were made, with only 600 available outside of Japan’s Andaz Hotel.

We are delighted that one bottle of Ki Noh Bi 11th Edition outside Japan is right here at The Bay View.

You’re probably wondering – we did – about the label. Well, the label on the Ki Noh Bi 11th Edition features “Fukai”, a female mask intended to portray someone who has aged gracefully and has a strong character. We think that’s very fitting for this rare cask-aged sipping gin.

Try it neat with at most a slice of lemon and if you insist Mediterranean Fevertree tonic. And make it last.

Oh, if you love limited edition cask-aged gins, we’ve also got a bottle of Hernö Sipping Gin #1.3, a gin matured in a cask which previously held legendary Ardbeg whisky, and a bottle of Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve Edition 1, a premium gin rested in Jean de Lillet oak barrels.

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