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We offer the best 'office' view in the world

If you fancy a challenge – if you love being part of a dynamic team – if making people have the best time of their lives puts a smile on your face – if you fancy this as the view from your office – we want to hear from you today.

Kitchen Vacancies

As Easter approaches and we move up a gear or three to get battle-ready for the summer madness (you have no idea just how busy The Bay View Inn gets), we invite anyone who wants to start a career in one of North Cornwall’s most creative kitchens to step up to the plate.

If you are starting from scratch, you can start in pot wash and go from there – the only limit is the one you set yourself. If you have prior experience, we can probably find a place for you in our amazing kitchen team.

Just pop your CV over to Lindsay Soulsby and we’ll take it from there.

3rd Chef. Full-time. Evenings and weekends.

  • Have you got a passion for turning fresh, local ingredients into memorable dishes?
  • Do you excel under pressure and love working as part of a dynamic team?
  • Are you looking to develop your skills and help others do the best work of their lives?

At The Bay View Inn, we have an outstanding reputation both locally and nationally for serving up high quality, freshly prepared and delicious dishes every day.

As a member of our kitchen team you’ll work alongside our chefs as part of a tight-knit team that thrives on the pressure of working in a very busy food operation.

You’ll prepare food to order, clean and wash up, whilst maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, safety and compliance with hygiene regulations at all times.

Prior experience working in a food business is preferred. Please email your CV to Lindsay Soulsby.

Front of House Vacancies

We have vacancies right now in the bar as well as in the restaurant:

  1. Full-time bar and restaurant member. Flexible hours to include evenings and weekends.
  2. Part-time waiting team members. Seasonal, evenings and weekend.

Given its stunning seaside location at Widemouth Bay, The Bay View Inn is one of North Cornwall’s most popular and busiest restaurants.

As a result, working here is a serious challenge: you have to be able to be on the go non-stop, learning the job by doing the job, especially as we move into peak season.

Crucially, this means the ideal candidates will be the kind of people who can stay calm under pressure. No matter how busy we get though, you must always remember that you’re the shiny happy face of our brand and everyone who walks through our door is looking to you for more than just fast and efficient service; at The Bay View Inn, we don’t serve guests or customers we take care of people as though they are old friends, even family.

In other words, we want people who love people. Who want to connect with people of every age and nationality and build relationships that engender a genuine love and loyalty to our brand.

If you have the ambition to succeed in this kind of relationship-building style of hospitality, we want to hear from you.

Prior experience working in bars or restaurants is preferred. Training will be provided. Please email your CV to Lindsay Soulsby.

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