Need some Ginspiration?

Bay View Gin MenuNeed a little ginspiration? Heck, you’re in the right place because The Bay View is rapidly becoming the ginspirational capital of North Cornwall.

Where else can you try a gin (Sharish Blue Magic) that turns from azure blue to dusky pink? Or gins that taste like cake (Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle, Bakewell Gin)?

Sample fruity gins like Spit-roasted Pineapple by the serial award-winning gin jedis at That Boutique-y Gin Company alongside gins that taste like childhood sweets – Parma Violet Gin, take a sparkly, shimmering bow.

And then there the world’s best gin in 2017 and 2018…

Ginspiration: Meet Hernö Old Tom

How often in life can you say that you’ve tried the very best in the world? Worn the best suit. Driven the best car. Visited the best city. Tasted the best fish pie..

Actually, we believe that you can tick that signature homemade fish pie box right here.

But we think Bay Viewers deserve to say that they have actually tasted something that is officially the world’s finest.

So say hi to Hernö Old Tom.

Herno Old Tom Gin

Not just the world’s best gin – the world’s best gin for 2 years straight.

And it’s sat here. Curled up on our bar waiting for you to take a sip and, well, purr..

Read more about why this is the world’s best gin here.

Ginspiration: Magical Gins

Sharish Blue Magic

With a natural flower extract that turns from blue to dusky pink with tonic, this gin is pure magic. But don’t take our word on it – check out our video – then if you want to learn more about Sharish Blue Magic Gin, click on the link to read more.


Ginspiration: Fruity Gins

Spit-roasted Pineapple Gin.

We hear you: Spit-roasted Pineapple Gin? Wasn’t pineapple gin popular back in the roaring 20s?

Err, yes. Except what if we told you how this Spit-roasted Pineapple Gin is made: Whole pineapples roasted on a spit with demerara sugar until a beautiful caramelisation occurs, then the pineapple is combined with some bold and bright gin.

Spit-roasted Pineapple Gin

Intrigued? Find out more about our Spit-roasted Pineapple Gin here.


Deliciously dry artisan gin with a hint of raspberry and an exceptionally smooth finish.

Tarquin’s Rhubarb and Raspberry

Distilled in small batches and infused with the delicious Rhubarb and Raspberries.

Ginspiration: Gins that Taste like Cake

Bakewell Tart Gin

I know, we have a gin that tastes like Mr Kipling’s classic bakewell tarts. Serve with a cherry of course. Exceedingly good too. Read more about Bakewell Gin here.

Bakewell Tart Gin

Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle

Dust the cake crumbs off your chin, peel yourself from the sofa, and grab you own slice of lemony cakey ginny heaven with this wonderfully zesty gin.

Check out our page on Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin here.

Ginspiration: Gins that Taste like Sweets

3 Pugs Bubblegum Gin Liqueur

A gin liqueur that tastes of bubblegum and has 3 pugs on the bottle (flying, bubble gum blowing pugs lovingly named Pepsie Tutu and Mojo). What more do you need to know?

3 Pugs Bubblegum Gin Liqueur

Read up about 3 Pugs Bubblegum Gin Liqueur here.

Violetta Shimmering Parma Violet

Your classic childhood sweet transformed into a refreshingly sparkling gin, this gin has to be tasted to be believed – read more about Violetta Shimmering Parma Violet Gin here.

Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur

Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur is the latest limited edition from the experimental Zymurgorium Manchester distillery, and though Turkish Delight isn’t for everyone, it’s so lovely and so popular that we hope they extend the run on this sweet flavoured gin marvel.

Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur

Find out more about our Zymurgorium Turkish Delight Gin here.

Ginspiration: Familiar Faves

Okay, you’ve seen aromatic gins, food and sweet flavoured gins, gins that change colour, even the world’s best – if you really want a gin that is reassuringly familiar, we can do that too.

Here are some of the ‘regular’ gins we have on show:

Curio Rock Samphire Gin

A quadruple distilled gin made with locally foraged wild botanicals.


The award-winning, cold-compounded marvel that needs no introduction.


Premium Scottish gin with marvellous infusions of cucumber and rose.

Bombay Sapphire

Every drop contains 10 hand-selected botanicals from exotic locations.

Tarquin’s Dry

Our house gin, a world-class craft spirit bursting with Cornish sunshine.

Tarquin’s Guest Gin

Limited edition and totally unique, ask nicely at the bar for our latest hidden gem.

See all you gin lovers soon.