Fruity Gins

Fruity gins are everywhere these days. In fact, we doubt you can think of any fruit (or fruit combo) that hasn’t been infused into a gin. The first fruity gin we got our hands on was the wonderful Tarquin’s Rhubarb and Raspberry, and we never looked back.

On our shelves you’ll find local, seasonal fruity gins from Cornwall and the South West of course. But we like to forage further afield for exotic fruity gins too. Oh, head over here to see our selection of Pink Gins.

Here are just a few of the fruity gins you’ll find here:


Like we said, this was our first fruit flavoured gin and it is still by far the most popular fruity gin we stock. Try it with ginger ale though rather than a regular tonic. We also always stock limited edition fruit flavoured gins from Tarquin’s like their wonderful Strawberry gin and Brilliant Blackberry.

If you love rhubarb flavoured gins, ask if we have a drop of The Lakes Rhubarb and Rosehip Gin Liqueur. This delicious liqueur goes so well with prosecco it is ridiculous.

Read more about our Cornish gins collection here.


We love That Boutique-y Gin. Why? They’re gin pioneers, creating new and often surprising gins that not just grab your attention, but that always blow you away with their audacious flavours, and Spit-roasted Pineapple gin – the first of our That Boutique-y gins – is no exception. Read more about Spit-roasted Pineapple gin here.

If you love That Boutique-y gins, check out the stunning Navy strength Moonshot gin.


Our first gin liqueur from the Manchester distiller was the wonderful Zymurgorium Turkish Delight – which was so, so, so good we had to try more. So on our shelves you’ll probably find Zymurgorium Grapefruit, Zymurgorium Strawberry and Mint and Zymurgorium Sweet Violet – plus the new Zymurgorium Marmalade of Manchester.

Malfy Con Arancia


Talking of orange flavoured gins, we also love the Mediterranean and Sicilian masterpiece that is Malfy Con Arancia here. Read more about Malfy Con Arancia here.

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