Halloween Party

Oct 2018

Be afraid. Be very afraid. We’ve got more spooky scares and ghoulish surprises in store than the Addams Family with a very devilish haunted children’s party from 4.30-6.30 and the undead shanty singers The Bencoolen Wreckers from 7pm.

Let’s be honest, Halloween is bloody good fun. You get to dress like Michael Myers, whittle pumpkins, eat sweets and manacle people who made you watch The Sound of Music ad infinitum to the sofa so they have to sit through the Evil Dead.

So what have we got in store this year?

Spooktacular scavenger hunt

This Halloween, we’ll be transforming the place into a drooling tavern of the dead, with a clue infested scavenger hunt and prizes for best Damien (or Della) from 4.30-6.30.

Wicked clues will be placed all around the ‘haunted’ Bay View Inn for the merry gremlins to scavenge like scavenging gremliny things. All they have to do is work together to find each clue and one by one they will get closer and closer to a whole coffin full of goodies.

Oh, don’t think that’s all Edgar Allen Poe wrote. We also have a vampire bat sized prize for the best possessed ickle monster too, and of course plenty of truly sickly meals on offer.

Live Halloween Party entertainment with The Bencoolen Wreckers

We’ve known The Bencoolen Wreckers for a long time and have seen them perform live in Bude, so as soon as we got the chance to bring them to The Bay View Inn for National Pirates’ Day we grabbed the chance – and they didn’t disappoint us, entertaining the crowd as well as kindly donating £100 for our 2018 headline charity, Talan’s Trust.

So we begged and pleaded with them to come back for our Halloween Party – and they agreed.  The Bencoolen Wreckers will be performing from 7 pm accompanied by demonic burgers and ‘they’re here’ cocktails cunningly concocted by our resident evil mixologist, Helen

Raising money for Talan’s Trust

As with most of our event this year, we’ll be raising money for Talan’s Trust. Please be eerily generous.