Dr Squid Ink Gin

Lovingly made by our pals Pocketful of Stones down at Long Rock, Penzance, the first thing that strikes you with Dr Squid Ink Gin is the handmade tin container, which is about as cool a gin ‘bottle’ as you’ll ever see.

But what’s inside is just as cool too because as you might have guessed Dr Squid Ink Gin is a rich, savoury, Mediterranean style gin – made with genuine squid ink!

If that doesn’t intrigue you enough, when you add tonic you get not just a blast of floral and citrus notes of meadow sweet and lemon, but Dr Squid Ink Gin changes colour too.

And the taste? Well, find out for yourself. You might want to try some of our salt and pepper squid chunks on the side too.

The Bay View