Cornish Wine

We love Cornish wine. And we’re proud to say that 50% of our current wine list is Cornish. We’re equally delighted to say that you love them as much as we do – we can’t count the number of people who’ve gone on to book a tour of the two respective vineyards, Trevibban Mill and Knightor Winery, whose wonderful wines feature so heavily here.

Here’s some more information about the range of Cornish wine we have here and their producers.


Established in 2008, Trevibban Mill is a family-run vineyard, winery and events venue on the doorstep of the picturesque harbour town of Padstow. Visit the Trevibban Mill website here.

Right now, we stock the following wines from Trevibban Mill here:

Trevibban Mill, Harlyn
A delicious Cornish white wine, expect fresh elderflower and candyfloss aromas.

Trevibban Mill, Rock Rose
Full of strawberry and raspberry aromas, this is one summery rosé.

Trevibban Mill, Black Ram
Ruby red with chocolate and cherry aromas.

Trevibban Mill, Black Ewe White
The first of two proseccos, expect green apple freshness with lemon sherbet flavours.

Trevibban Mill, Black Ewe Pink
So refreshing, our Cornish pink prosecco features red berries and cranberries.


Situated above St Austell Bay near the Eden Project, Knightor is a hard working winery, wedding and events venue.

Visit the Knightor Winery here.

Knightor, Carpe Diem (white)
Delicate fresh fruit and a pleasing floral aroma mark this one out.

Knightor, Carpe Diem (rosé)
Fresh again, this time with a lovely rose petal aroma.

Knightor, Carpe Diem (red)
Lightly oaked, ripe red berry aromas.

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