Cornish Gins

We only talk about Cornish gins today at all because of Tarquin’s, the first Cornish distillery for over 100 years. And it is because of that – and the absolutely wonderful range of Cornish gins that Tarquin’s offer – that Tarquin’s Cornish gins have pride of place on our bar and we work with them so closely on all our events.

But you’ll also find many other Cornish gins here to suit every taste, however wild.


As we said, Tarquin’s is the first Cornish distillery for over 100 years. But what’s in the name? As is often the case, the story starts with one man – Tarquin Leadbetter – realising in 2012 that his chosen profession isn’t the profession he was born to choose taking a very different path – and a journey of discovery and self-discovery, of trial and error, fun times and hard times, before the taste of success is very sweet indeed.

Success crowned when the brilliantly bold Tarquin’s ‘The SeaDog’ Navy Strength Gin, clocking in at a punchy 57% abv, beat over 260 individual gins to become the “World’s Best Gin” at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Here at The Bay View Inn, we always stock at least two Tarquin’s gins, our ‘house’ dry gin and Tarquin’s Rhubarb & Raspberry, regularly spicing up the range with their latest fruity marvels.

If you love Tarquin’s gin, just ask what other gins we have on our shelves right now.


Unlike Tarquin’s, which is a story of one man’s quest, Curio is a labour of love from a husband and wife team, William and Rubina Tyler-Street who became curious about setting up a bespoke spirits brand at the same time as Tarquin back in 2012 and celebrated seeing their first products take to the optics in December 2014.

A quadruple distilled gin made with foraged botanicals including rock samphire and Kombu seaweed from The Cornish Seaweed Company, Curio Wild Coast is the perfect tipple with locally caught Cornish seafood.


Holly’s Gin is a small batch Cornish gin lovingly made by Holly Harwood. Distilled in two 300l copper pot stills called Doris and Rose at Trevethan Distillery in Saltash, Cornwall, Holly’s gin is a fresh and vibrant gin made with 9 botanicals including Passion Flower, Gentian Root and Orange.

We love the gin – and the art deco bottle.


Trevethan Gin is a quality handmade Cornish gin created using a traditional family recipe perfected in the 1920s by Norman Trevethan. We stock Tevethan’s new Fruit Reserve Range here, including Trevethan Passionfruit & Orange Blossom, Trevethan Rhubarb & Apple and Trevethan Zesty Lemon.


As the song goes, “You’re rarer than a can of Dandelion and Burdock” – but this isn’t a can of Dandelion & Burdock, this is a new Dandelion & Burdock gin.

A smooth, contemporary Cornish gin made from fresh dandelion blooms and wild-foraged burdock.

We love to serve this up Capsyn Dandelion & Burdock Gin with a local tonic and a slice of fresh orange.

Oh, if you love unusual Cornish gins, made by the same brand, you have to try Dr Squid Ink Gin too while you’re here.


Yes, you read that correctly, Cornish cyder maker Healeys now make gin too – and Rattler Cornish Pink Gin is lovely too, so now you can have a Rattler cyder or a Rattler gin.

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