Cornish Art

In our newly revamped bar, we’ve championed local Cornish artists breaking waves in more ways than one.

Some of the Cornish artists – and their amazing works – include:

Ben Cook Surf Flower Print
Ben Cook Surf Flower Print plus Charcoal Drawing

A limited edition Large Surf Flower Print from Ben Cook

We’re delighted to have two pieces by Cornish artist, Ben Cook, a limited edition Large Surf Flower Print, plus the loan of a wonderful charcoal drawing, which (tongue firmly in cheek) is perhaps the best specials board in the world.

Ben has exhibited throughout the UK and internationally, his work focusing on the landscape seen through the eyes of a surfer, examining both the cultural and material aspects of surfing and its effect on the land and sea.

Using recycled surfboard materials, wetsuits and surfwax, his work offers an alternative view of the South West landscape and is held in many private and public collections including the Arts Council England Collection, Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester, Manchester Art Gallery, the Museum of Non Conformist Art St Petersburg and The Museum of British Surfing in Braunton Devon.

Visit Ben’s website to see more of his great art works.

Robbie Jones Woodcut
Robbie Jones Whale Woodcut

A Robbie W. Jones Large Whale Woodcut

Robbie Jones, from North Cornwall, is rapidly gaining a deserved reputation for stunning hand carved woodcuts inspired by traditional tattoos and nature. Woodblocks have been used in printmaking for millennia, with the woodblock seldom celebrated, but Robbie has made the woodblocks the work of art themselves and we are over the moon to have his whale woodcut proudly adorning our bar.

Check out Robbie’s Etsy page.

Maia Walczak Surfboard
Maia Walczak Surfboard in The Bay View Inn main bar

A Maia Walczak Painted Surfboard

Maia Walczak is a prolific artist, illustrator and author, gleaning inspiration from nature, surfing, sleeping out under the stars, hiking and birdsong. Born and raised in London to Polish parents, she is widely known for writing and her surf inspired art and artwork on surfboards, longboards and skate decks. Maia now lives on the Cornish coast, from where she creates artwork and designs for a range of clients – including us.

Check out Maia’s website for more information.

Mike Lacey Cornish Heart
Close up of Mike Lacey’s Cornish Heart

Mike Lacey, Cornish Heart Photograph

Mike’s been surfing around Cornwall for eleven years and swims out with his camera through all conditions to photograph and capture the power and intensity of the waves. When we saw his shot-of-a-lifetime called Cornish Heart, we had to have it in our bar, especially when we learned that Mike was searching the day he took the photo for an image to celebrate the birth of his child, Coral.

Visit Mike’s website to see his wonderful images.