CollaGin Rose

CollaGin Rose is a new limited edition true to the principles of a classic gin, with rose oil steam distilled from rose petals and hosts 11 botanicals including pink grapefruit and orris, but it is the innovative addition of ‘anti-ageing’ collagen that turned our pretty heads.

Here’s to your health?

According to an interview with one of the gin-trepreneurs behind CollaGin Rose, Camilla Brown, on Good Housekeeping: “Each bottle has 100mg of pure, powdered collagen in each bottle and all of the botanicals have been chosen for their rejuvenating qualities, however, we don’t make any health claims with Collagin, as it’s alcohol at the end of the day. But, if you’re going to drink gin, you might as well have the added bonus of collagen in it! And she tastes delicious.”

A delicious new pink gin – that may or may not have health benefits – we’ll take CollaGin Rose, with a slice of grapefruit and aromatic Fevertree tonic.