About Us

Our journey to The Bay View Inn

We fell in love with The Bay View Inn back on our first visit to North Cornwall in 2007. This is me with Jess, a pepper Dandie Dinmont; Max, a Lhasa Apso (Max snuck into the kitchen that year…hmm); and in my arms, Holly, a rambunctious Shih Apso cross.

Lindsay at Bay View InnWe were struck by three things: the laid-back but warm dog-friendly welcome; the fresh, locally-sourced cuisine; and of course, the stunning sea views. To us, this was Cornwall.

So we made a point of popping back. Every holiday. Once, even twice a year. This is the 40th birthday treat we popped open and shared with the former owners, Dave and Cherylyn, on our stunning Bay View balcony.

Champagne on the balcony
Unfortunately, the fizz was off! But it didn’t matter as we had a great time.

We also let our hair down. This is Stuart on New Year’s Eve:

Zippy at the Bay View
No idea how he finished his dinner…

Accompanied by our cousin Ben and his wife Tam we had a whale of a time when Joey The Lips raised the roof in 2017 (yes, they’re back for 2018).

The weather was perfect and we had a cracking night. Can’t wait for 2018…

During all this time, we watched as Dave and Cherylyn, together with their kids (chef Wes and admin guru Hayley), transformed this slice of Cornish heaven, introducing unmissable events; helping a tonne of local charities; and instilling the kind of inclusive culture that inspires love and loyalty from locals and staff alike.

And during all this time, we kept exploring how we could move here and make this our permanent local.

And then – call it fate or luck – Dave and Cherylyn announced that they were retiring: if we were up to it, The Bay View could ours.

So here we are. Naturally, we have big boots to fill. But with the Keene’s guidance, first-hand experience of what works – and what needs a little tinkering (like a new bar – watch this space!) – not to mention the patience of the staff that have kindly agreed to stay with us – our love of this amazing place will see us through.

So don’t be shy. Pop in and say hi. Bring the kids. Bring the dog. Eat, drink, and stay with us.

Just remember: you’re our friends, not our guests.

Lindsay, Graham and Stuart.