3 Pugs Bubblegum Gin Liqueur

We love dogs at The Bay View. Check me out pedigrees. Hey, here’s beach sand in your eye shaggy mutts. Pick me, yappy ones. Hounds that give you the wagging time of day. Toy dogs that don’t have time for anyone but mum (Baxter, right?)

So when our tail was wagged by a gin liqueur – that tastes of bubblegum – and has 3 pugs on the bottle (flying, bubble gum blowing pugs lovingly named Pepsie, Tutu and Mojo), we simply had to have it.

Now, we have some ace bottles here. But when this arrived, there was a collective oooh. I mean, not only do the pugs make you grin like a Cheshire – pug – but the bottle is a slender pinky gem.

So what does a 3 Pugs Bubblegum Gin Liqueur – with 3 gorg bubble-blowing, flying pugs on the equally pink gorg bottle – taste like?

Bubblecious, naturally.

The Bay View